This page is dedicated to explaining our various policies including catch and release and cancellation/reschedule policy. Please read through it and if you have any issues understanding them feel free to call us and ask questions.

  • WE ONLY PRACTICE CATCH AND RELEASE. We will not allow under any circumstances to catch and keep fish. We do this to keep the fishery alive and active. If you want a reproduction mount of your fish please let us know before your trip and we will take accurate weights and measurements of any and all fish which can be used to reproduce a fish mount. We have a sponsor on our sponsors page that is excellent at making reproduction mounts. His prices are very competitive.


  • No Call No Show Policy. If you purchase a fishing trip and fail to show up to the lake 45 minutes after your trip was supposed to start WITHOUT a phone call, you lose your trip. By lose your trip we mean any monetary amount put on the trip or any voucher is no longer valid. If you are going to be that late call we will wait around for you but WILL NOT extend your trip. We schedule multiple trips back to back and cannot make special allowances for people who are going to stand us up.

  • Our reschedule policy. Within 30 days of your scheduled trip you may not ask for a refund only a reschedule of your trip. Within 10 days of the date of your of your trip you are not allowed to reschedule your trip. At that point we have turned down multiple people for that opening as it has been claimed. You may reschedule your trip for the remainder of the calender year if you reschedule outside of the 10 days. If your trip was scheduled in September or later you may reschedule your trip for the following calender year.

  • Our refund policy. Refunds will only occur if you ask for a refund MORE THAN 30 days from the date of your scheduled trip. If it is less than 30 days from your trip then our reschedule policy goes into effect. We will give refunds on trips that were directly paid for through our website or by mail to us. All trips that were purchased through 3rd party sites are subject to their refund policy not ours. We will not provide refunds for trips that have been purchased more than 90 days from the date of attempted refund. 

  • Weather Policy. In the case of rain we will contact you the evening before your trip or the morning of. If we decide to reschedule you will have 1 calender year to reschedule your trip. In the event that we are out there and it rains on a trip, the following will be in effect. On 3 hour trips, if we fish at least 1 of the 3 hours it is considered a trip, on 6 hour trips, if we fish for more than 3 hours in its considered a trip. If cancellation occurs before that time frame you will get a reschedule of the remaining time. This is also good for 1 calender year. WE FISH THROUGH LIGHT/MODERATE RAIN. If thunder/lightning or severe rains starts then we will cancel the trip. Dress weather appropriate.

  • No alcohol at all. We are fishing at a state park and it is against the law. If you go to bring it on our boats you will be told to put it back in your car. If you try to sneak it on or argue with us about this, your trip is over right then and there. NO REFUNDS, NO RESCHEDULES, IMMEDIATE FORFEITURE OF YOUR TRIP OCCURS.

  • No pets! These are fishing boats with hooks, sharp objects and bait, and pets and these things do not mix.